Outdoor Walkways & Steps in Lancaster, PA

Lighted outdoor stairs with gated entrance

Tying Your Outdoor Space Together

Whether you want to replace a worn or outdated walkway around your home or are thinking of redesigning your entire outdoor space, thoughtfully-placed walkways, paths, and steps are an elegant solution that defines your outdoor space, tying it all together. And when you are looking for outdoor walkways and steps in Lancaster, PA, our team is here for you.

Do you love the elegant look of a flagstone walkway? Are you thinking about installing a garden path or brick walkway? Or maybe you want to add durable outdoor steps somewhere around your home to make a hill or grade easier to walk?

At Hosler’s Homescapes, we design and install stone walkways, garden paths, and outdoor steps that complement your backyard space, adding texture and curb appeal. In fact, you can enhance any of your outdoor living spaces—front yard, back yard, garden, anywhere you want—just by adding stone walkways and steps. The walkway ideas are nearly limitless, with an endless amount of stone shapes and colors to choose from!

With over two decades of experience in landscaping and hardscaping, we can handle every aspect of your project. From initial design and excavating to grading and professional installation, Hosler’s Homescapes is your go-to company of choice for outdoor walkways and steps in Lancaster, PA!

Our local team works throughout Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon, and Hershey, PA.

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outdoor stairs lighted with pavilion on second level

Need Walkway Ideas or Garden Design Inspiration?

We get it—inspiration doesn’t always strike overnight. That’s why we suggest that you check out some of our past projects to get ideas for your outdoor steps, stone or brick walkway, or any other outdoor living space ideas you may need.

Explore Walkways and Steps

Part of designing a functional outdoor space is planning efficient and elegant traffic flow from one section to another. This flow is particularly true for large outdoor areas with multiple structures, levels, or grades. Stone walkways and steps are essential in creating proper flow, but you also want to take shapes and colors into consideration as well as the general landscape design.

walkway around miniture golf course


When you want to make it easy for family, friends, and guests alike to go from place to place with ease, a stone path or walkway may be the perfect solution. Stylish, elegant, and perfect for any outdoor living space, stone walkways are an excellent solution for a variety of needs.

Whether you need a path from the house to the pool, the garden to the garage, or direct to your front door, Hosler’s Homescapes offer plenty of options. From natural stone and brick to decorative gravel or concrete pavers, we’ll help you choose stones and designs that are right for you.

lighted steps and walkway


Do you have a tough grade or hill in your front yard? Do you want a quicker and more efficient way for guests to enter your home? If so, adding manageable steps to your landscape design may be what you need.

Not only will the stone steps be functional, but they’ll also add beauty and value to your home while blending seamlessly with the natural elements of your landscape. We can add landscape steps just about anywhere in your outdoor space, providing elegant beauty and practical functionality you’ll love.

stone staircase outdoors

Professional Installation

When it comes to designing and installing walkways and stairs, it all comes down to the details. That’s why it’s so important to choose a contractor with the right experience.

At Hosler’s Homescapes, we’re the hardscaping experts with over two decades of experience. We use our own in-house crew to ensure quality craftsmanship on every job. We listen to what you want, pay attention to the details, and deliver the best outdoor walkway and steps in Lancaster, PA.

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